About Us

Emporio Trading has become a world leading financial services company by providing first class cutting edge technology through its ECN (Electronic Communications Network) which is connected to renowned banks, major brokerage firms and financial institutions, we have access to liquidity from top global banks which gives us the ability to maintain our competitive edge by providing tighter spreads to our clients.

Emporio Trading, takes its name from the ancient Latin and Greek meaning “Emporium” which was the name of a large market place where a variety of products and goods were bought and sold, thus being one of the first market places in our history. An Emporium was also a place where currency was used, therefore in a way being the beginning of currency movement and currency exchanges.

Today, Emporio Trading has the ability to provide its clients, whether they are corporate, institutional or private clients and by means of its ECN (Electronic Communications Network) access to some of the most famous modern-day Emporiums of Forex trading, CFD trading and Commodity trading.