Advantages of operating with Emporio Trading.

ECN which stands for Electronic Communications Network is the future of trading when it comes to Forex trading. An ECN can be described as a direct link that bridges financial institutions and smaller market participants together with its liquidity providers by means of a Forex ECN Broker, this way the Emporio Trading ECN eliminates any third-party or intermediaries involvement by going directly to the source in the market.

 Emporium Trading does this by using state of the art technology and sophisticated FIX (Financial Information Exchange) Protocol set ups.gettingStarted

Emporium Trading obtains its liquidity from its liquidity providers, mainly top tier Banks, and provides the liquidity to its clients for trading, then delivers the clients orders to the liquidity providers for its execution at the best Price available.

Emporio Trading ECN then automatically matches and executes the orders, the ECN obtains the best Price available on the market from the various financial institutions. A particularly relevant benefit is that the Emporio Trading ECN operates over and above the existing online trading venues and is also more efficient during after hour trading, this is a very relevant benefit when operating with Forex transactions.

Emporio Trading ECN is very efficient for traders due to its speed of execution, up to 2 milliseconds, the ECN is configured to serve institutional clients and it has also been designed for use by retail investors, this way providing the retail investor with an institutional trading experience at a low investment amount.

Benefits like no commissions, tighter spreads, high trading volume, micro lot trading, large liquidity, market depth, and the use of professional information are just some that Emporio Trading offers its clients.

One of the secrets of making successful returns when it comes to trading, is having the right information at the right time, of course there are no guarantees when it comes to trading the markets but the right information at the right time is definitely a key to success.

Emporio Trading works with a global leader in technical analysis research called Trading Central.

Company Profile

Emporio Trading is a world class grade Forex Company that aims to be the worldwide market leader, which offers competitive pricing, reliable trade execution and innovative trading tools to help our clients to succeed in their investment.

In the journey of reaching the top of the market, changes are inevitable, however, the undoubted will of advancing towards a trading environment that consists elements of reliance, cordial, professionalism, innovative, reliability, transparency will never be changed throughout the times. Our experience throughout the years makes us understand well what it takes to deliver more satisfaction to our valued clients and most importantly always creating win-win solutions to everyone.

Even since the introduction of our company to the market, Emporio Trading has been investing in technologies to further bringing in top of the class tools and environment for clients by consistently providing great pricing, reliable trading platform, world class server technologies, ever improving customer servicing and great promotions.

Emporio Trading always ensure to provide the best pricing possible to clients so that clients can fully concentrate on trading instead of worrying the inconsistent and high pricing would bring them into disadvantage. Other than that, having be able to stand on the same line with client instead of against the clients are among the top priorities of Emporio Trading as we always ensure our promotions will be able to bring our clients more advantage. With infinite possibilities and opportunities in this multiple trillion dollars investment market, things will always never be the same with Emporio Trading!

Emporio Trading is definitely the safest partner you can trust.


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    Regulated activity License of Vanuatu FSC
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    Narrow spreads from 0.2 points

    Breaking PIP service
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    Instant execution Fast as <2ms
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    5 types of instruments 48 Currency pairs, 2 Metals, Indices, Shares and Cryptocurrencies
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    Protection against negative balance
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    Quotations 5 digits
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    Trading signals  signal and market
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    Super Services Cashback and MoneyBack
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    Professional analisys and forecast Trading Central for our clients
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    KickBack commission Remuneration from your and your clients trades

Features at a Glance

  • One-Stop trading center for all the traders
  • All latest industry features and services
  • Suited to all types of forex traders whether it be amature traders or experienced professional traders
  • All EA's and Signal Provider Support
  • 24-hours top quality quick support including live chat
  • Aims to maximize the profit of traders and to provide them with the best trading experience
  • IB programm and CashBack option