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Terms and condition

Switch to Emporio Cash Back Program

Switch your Trading account from any Forex broker around the world to Emporio. Emporio rewards all those Clients who open their Trading Accounts to Emporio with Real, withdrawable CASH, that will be credited back to Client’s trading account at the beginning of every week i.e. Monday. By gearing up through 5 rebate levels, traders are continuously rewarded as long as they stay in the promotion and keep trading – for up to 1 whole month!*

I. Open page “Promotions”
II. Click on“Sign up for Emporio bonus - Cash back”
III. Fill in the registration form
IV. Open a Live account with Emporio and Register your Live account ID with  Emporio Cash back Program
V. Once the registration Process is completed your account will be under Rebate Level 1
VI. Join the promotion on cabinet.emporio and start earning, by Reading and Accepting the Terms & Conditions
VII. Trade and Receive Cash back weekly!
VIII. This special Emporio Cash back promotion works with levels.
IX. Terms Depending on what is the bench mark of lots that has been achieved and also how much you switch gears and enter one of five levels.
  1. TheEmporio Cash back Promotion (the “Promotion”) is applicable to approved clients who meet the following requirements:
    • The promotion is valid till 31st December 2017.
    • The Client was a client of any other forex broker and provides satisfactory evidence to prove the same.
    • The clients who open accounts to Emporio should refer to the table below to understand the Rebate Levels they fall under, and the Trading terms they need to follow to upgrade their Rebate Levels.
    • Every client will start from level zero at the start of all the every week, based on the lots traded each client will fall under different levels (level 1 – Level 5) Rebates will be calculated - only based on the Lots traded within the given time period i.e. a week.
    • Transfers between accounts are not considered as initial deposits.
    • The Client accepts the present Terms and Conditions of the Promotion and the Operative Agreements prior to making the deposit.

    Rebate Level Table

    *Emporio Rebate Level Table

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Rebate (cash-back)per full completed lot

    $2 **





    Frequency of the Rebate Transfer(s) to client account

    Monday(s) following the Lots Calculation Period

    Monday(s) following the Lots Calculation Period

    Monday(s) following the Lots Calculation Period

    Monday(s) following the Lots Calculation Period

    Monday(s) following the Lots Calculation Period

    Max Cash Back Credit given






    Upgrade/ Downgrade by Emporio






    Lots Range***

    5-15 Lots

    16-30 Lots

    31-60 Lots

    61-150 Lots

    151 above

  2. Cash back of 200% on deposits is calculated on Minimum Deposits made by one client in one account during the Cash back Period (1st June to 31st December); only first deposits will be taken into consideration for cask back on deposits

  3. The Client shall be eligible to receive 200% cash back on the amount of Minimum Deposit made in one account, up to a maximum of $12,000 (hereinafter referred to as the “Maximum Cash back”).

  4. The maximum eligible Cash back shall be deposited in a virtual wallet visible to the Client through Cabinet.Emporio, within twenty-four (24) hours after the Minimum Deposit has been made.

  5. The Client shall receive max of $6, per full-completed lot within the Lots Calculation Period (Sunday 23:01*-Friday 24:00*), subject to the Client providing within the Lots Calculation period all necessary evidence to satisfy the Conditions specified herein. The total credit amount per Lots Calculation Period shall be transferred and credited to the Client’s account at the end of the Lots Calculation Period, the following Monday at 10:00*.

  6. In the event where the Client fails to provide satisfactory evidence to prove that he/she had Forex trading account with another brokers, before Lots Calculation period: the credit accrued shall be withdrawn by Emporio and the Client loses his rights to participate in the Switch to Fidelis cash back Program.

  7. The Rebate Cash back credited to the Client account shall be freely available for the Client’s use, and the Client shall have the right to withdraw the Rebate Cash back as soon as this is credited to his/her account following the **standard procedure.

  8. Only positions that were opened and closed during the Cash back Period (1st June to 31st December 2017) herein, provided that they were open and closed with Min of + or - 5 pips will be considered has valid trades., as per Switch to Emporio.
  9. Irrespective of the number of trading accounts that may be opened by a Client with Emporio, the Promotion is applicable for only one single trading account opened by each Client and into which such Client’s first Minimum Deposit is made within the Cash back Period.
  10. The Client shall not be eligible for further Rebate and also the complete cash back bonus will be taken back if he withdraws any sum on deposits/Profits made during the Cash back Period (1st June to 31st December)

  11. Clients who are participating in other promotions of Emporio during the Cash back Program Period are not eligible to participate in Emporio cash back program for the Cash back.

  12. Clients introduced to Emporio by Introducing Partners (Introducers) of Emporio Partners cannot participate in this Promotion.
  13. The Cash back is applicable to all Forex, CFDs, and precious metals.

  14. Participation Terms:

    • Emporio has the right to disqualify any participants who fails at any time to follow any of the above-mentioned Rules; his/her Net Deposit shall remain the same.
    • Every client who sign up will fall under Level 1 irrespective of deposits made.
    • When the client sign up and gets his/her account activated under Switch to cash back Program, it is understood that he/she had read and agreed to the terms and conditions regarding the same

    • Emporio, shall reset Levels of all Participants to Level 1 every 7 days (Seven days)
    • The Maximum cash back given shall be displayed on the Rebate table which is visible to the Client through Client Cabinet after the relevant deposit with Emporio has been processed
    • Subject to the volume traded by the Client in the Account, the Client shall receive the Rebate of $2/$3/$4/$5/$6** per full completed lot*** within the Lots Calculation Period depending on the applicable Level at the time of the closing of the position(s).
    • At the end of every week from the date preceding to 1st December 2017or from the date on which Client signed up for the program (which should be after 1st June 2017) all the Rebate generated from the Client will be added and the total balance of the Client Trading Account which can withdrawn by the Client after the completion of 1 Full month from the date client signed up to Switch to Emporio Cash Back Program

Example of Program

Mr. (Mrs.) Client deposited $2000 USD on the 1st June 2017, after having successfully registered as a Client, agreed to the Terms & Conditions of the

Promotion and provides evidence of previously being a Client of another broker. Consequently, Mr. (Mrs.) Client is eligible to receive maximum Cash back of

$4000 USD, calculated as the 200% of his deposit of $2000 USD. (This 4000$ will be given to him has credit which can be claimed by him every week by Trading according to the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the example below)

First 4 weeks cash back payments made to Mr. (Mrs.) Client based on the Emporio Cash Back Program T&Cs:

* Emporio Cash back Program Table

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Deposits Made (weekly)





Cash Back given on Deposit (200% on Deposits)


Not Eligible

Not Eligible

Not Eligible

Lots Traded (weekly)

20 STD lots

10 STD lots

35 STD lots

180 STD lots

Client Rebate Level (weekly)

Level 2

Level 1

Level 3

Level 5

Total Withdrawable Cash Back Earned (weekly)





Calculation of total amount moved from Credit balance to Main Withdrawable Balance

60+20+140+1080 = 1300$

(*) Only lots achieved on a particular week will be taken into consideration for rebate levels

(*) The Client shall not be eligible for further Rebate and also the complete cash back bonus will be taken back if he withdraws any sum on deposits/ Profits made during the Cash back Period (1st June to 31st December 2017)

Complaints and Disputes Terms

  1. In the event of any dispute or misinterpretation of the above applicable Emporio T&Cs, such dispute or misinterpretation shall be resolved by Emporio, acting in good faith and as it shall, in its sole and absolute discretion, deem fit and proper. Emporio’s decision shall be final and binding.

  2. Emporio has the right to disqualify any Client who has accepted the currentEmporio T&Cs if:

    • A breach of this Emporio T&Cs and/or of any term of the Operative Agreements occurs;

    • The Client has more than one entry in the currentEmporio T&Cs;

    • Emporio has reasonable grounds to believe a misuse of the current Emporio T&Cs;

    • The Client acts in bad faith and/or abusively and/or fraudulently and/or in a manner that is not in the spirit of the current Emporio T&Cs.

  3. Emporio has the right to alter the Emporio T&Cs at its discretion. Emporio may suspend or terminate the current Emporio T&Cs if a situation arises where the conditions are unfair for more participants. Emporio has the right to suspend or terminate the current Emporio T&Cs if its continuation is rendered impossible due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the control of Emporio (natural disasters, political conflicts etc.)

  4. By accepting the current Emporio T&Cs, the Client acknowledges that he has read and agreed to be bound by not onlyEmporio T&Cs together with the Operative Agreements as well as to all other Business terms and conditions as these may be applicable and/or amended from time to time.